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Ki-bay is a construction company of Kazakhstan. The company concentrates its activities in Akmola and in Karaganda regions and in the western part of Kazakhstan. We have extensive experience in implementing large international construction projects.

We have accumulated considerable experience in the management of complex construction work: from comprehensive demolition work to the development of technical specifications.

Ki-bay LLP - GENERAL CONTRACTOR specializes in the construction of facilities with a high level of requirements for quality standards, innovation, advanced trends and technologies. Our facilities are industrial buildings, commercial real estate, office space, and so on.

The company's management is certified in accordance with international quality standards iSO 9001: 2009, iSO 14001-2006, OHSAS 18001-2008.

The main activities are:

From 2015 to the present, the company has been awarded the certificate of the supplier of ALASH, construction services in the oil and gas sector, KMG, KPO, NCOC and TCO.



Asphalting of the site, concrete work, equipment transfer, backfilling of soil

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Industrial alpinism

Repair work of building facades

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"Aurora Service" LLP

Reconstruction of antenna mast structures

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"Karcement" JSC

Repair of industrial premises

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Borusan Makina Kazakhstan LLP

Installation of automatic fire extinguishing system

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Okzhetpes-T LLP

Manufacturing and warming of the heating main

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"Technomarket-KZ" LLP

Finishing work, electrical work

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Electric installation work

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Ki-bay LLP construction company was founded in 2013, since its foundation, the company has been carrying out its construction activities in Kazakhstan.

The basis of the company's philosophy is mutual understanding with our customer, understanding of the interests of the customer during the implementation of the project. A unique financial model in the construction of the facility, its own production resources, logistics systems, regular suppliers allow minimizing the risks in the construction of facilities and carry out construction with the highest quality in an agreed time frame at the optimal cost. This approach provides our company with long-term relationships with our customers.

Ki-bay was established more than 5 years ago in 2013, due to the high demand of high quality of the constructional services in the rapidly developing of Kazakhstan. Two brothers: Kydyrov Abai and Shotbaev Magauiya decided to create their own company and bring it at the constructional market. The next four years, the company has developed steadily, specializing in construction in the Karaganda region and in the city of Nur-Sultan. All these years, Ki-bay has gained experience and collected its own capital.

The company "Ki-bay" showed reliability and stability, performing work on a variety of objects in different sectors of the construction sector.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Ki-bay LLP construction company is introducing the BIM system - Building Information Modeling.

BIM - Building Information Modeling is an approach to building, equipping, maintaining, operating and repairing a building (to object life cycle management), which involves the collection and complex processing in the design process of all architectural, design, technological, economic and other information about a building all its interrelations and dependencies, when a building and everything related to it are considered as a single object.

A three-dimensional model of a building or other construction object associated with an information database in which additional attributes can be assigned to each element of the model. The peculiarity of this approach is that the construction object is actually designed as a whole. And the change of any one of its parameters entails an automatic change of the other parameters and objects associated with it, up to the drawings, visualizations, specifications and the schedule.

Main office

75 A Republic Avenue, Temirtau city / Karaganda region / KAZAKHSTAN.

+7 (775) 554 25 52

Email: General questions - Vacancies - Purchase department - Tenders -

Representative office of the company

VP 6 / 8 Turkestan street, Nur-Sultan city, KAZAKHSTAN.

+7 (707) 609 01 01

34 a Satpayev street. Atyrau city / KAZAKHSTAN

+7 (775) 554 25 52

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